Sunday, October 9, 2011

A room without a view....

Ryan's view in the morning while I get ready (picture taken Aug 10th, 5 months old).

Our little guy is now 6 months much has changed. He still sleeps great at night and will sleep in with me in the morning. He loves people and interacting with everyone, while keeping eyes on mom or dad. He continues to drool like crazy, which his older cousins tolerate even though they think it is gross. He loves being held during his daytime naps, if I hold him he'll sleep for 1-2 hours otherwise it's a quick 20 minutes or 20 second nap. He loves being in the car and sleeping in the car. He makes sounds and noises, including a whine that he has perfected when he wants more attention or needs something.

He'll get his shots and measurement taken on Friday.