Saturday, May 17, 2008

MBU - Scenario Day

I spent the morning at the Malibu Creek State Park. I belong to a group called the Mountain Bike Unit and every year we have new recruits that participate in scenario day; I was new last year. I was assigned the minor medical scenario; my partner got fake blood and scraps to make it look like he cut himself. The recruits were suppose to evaluate the scene for safety and discover the snake near our bikes. Only two recruits noticed the snake that caused my partner to be startled and fall off his bike.; several hikers went by the snake and never saw it either. It was fun even thought it was too hot!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Revlon Breast Cancer Awareness 5K

This was my mom's second year participating in the Revlon Breast Cancer Awareness 5K. My mom really enjoys going and talking to other survivors and getting all the free stuff at the expo.

This year we were near at the beginning of the run and it is really crowded when you first start. My mom and I lost each other immediately, I told her to hold my hand and she let go (just like a little kid). I found her before the first mile (not by much). I ran up ahead and figured she couldn't be this far, so I waited on the sidelines to see her past, figured she can't be this far back so I walked/ran and spotted her. We had a great time and I was surprised she didn't fall asleep before we got home (she fell asleep last year in less than 5 minutes of being in the car).

It was great and we're looking forward to it next year.