Monday, June 30, 2008

The Best Sister

My brother has a man crush on Adam Carolla and he released The Hammer on DVD last Tuesday. I decided to go the Virgin Store and mailed an autographed copy to my brother. He was so shocked and excited. He is also very jealous that he couldn't go (bonus of living in LA).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

LA Avengers -- Who are they??

The LA Avengers are an indoor football team that plays at the Staples Center. My friend, Kristina, gets free tickets, including access to the VIP Dinner Reception, the Jack Nicholson Bar (the Chairman's Bar) and access to the field. Indoor football is really fast and exciting (they are the only team at the Staples Center that uses fireworks.

Spider Alex

My nephew had his 4th birthday party on Saturday. His dad bought a Spiderman costume and he loved it. He kept asking where Spiderman was and if was going to come back.

a little nervous and unsure at first.......

my niece obviously knew it was her dad......

Monday, June 9, 2008

Century & Little Red Riding Hood

I participated in the Little Red Riding Hood century bike ride (which was actually 102 miles) with my friend Lori. It was my first Century ride and I loved it!! We started in Wellsville (near Logan, UT) and rode up to Preston, Idaho (home to Napolean Dynamite) and returning to the start.

The scenery was amazing the air quality was excellent except while riding past the cow pastures. We got rained on during lunch only drizzle through out the day. It was colder than I was expecting but an awesome ride!!

Before the rain

After the ride (notice the beautiful mountains)

I really like road biking now and I would love to do more rides.

TIP: If you want to ride with a friend make sure you train to ride the same pace. There is a big difference between 12 mph and 15 mph, one hour and 40 minutes worth of a difference in finishing times.

off to find another event........

Monday, June 2, 2008

Canyon Lake

We took the youth from church to Canyon Lake. It was so much fun. The scout leader's uncle owns a beautiful house that we stayed at on Friday night and we spent all day Saturday playing. We got to use the kayaks, peddle boats and a tube. Everyone had a blast. Thanks Jared and Eva, we all had fun.

Memorial Day

My brother and his family came down. It was fun seeing them, especially my nephew Jack. We went to the Somis Farm and feed the animals, the kids loved it and could spend hours playing.