Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zoo Day - Last Family Outing as Three

We went to the LA Zoo the day before our membership expired and as a last outing as family of three. It's been fun seeing Ryan get excited about the different animals. Afterwards we went to Bob's Big Boy for dinner. 

We watched the zoo keeper feed the snake a live mouse.

Tyler was born 10 days later!!

our favorite chocolate fudge cake

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Dentist Appt

We went to my sister Cathy's house to watch the Super Bowl. During half time Ryan fell on the tile and chipped his front tooth. It was only a slight chip on his front tooth, (not really noticeable) but we took him the dentist to verify. We found a cute pediatric dentist that Ryan loved. He followed the dental hygentist to the back and he allowed her to clean his teeth. He was done sitting and having his teeth poked at when it was time for the fluoride treatment and x-rays. Allen held him and Ryan was happy when he got to pick a toy from the treasure chest. His x-ray looked good and we go back for a follow up in May. His tooth was sensitive and he needed soft foods for a couple of days but within a week he was able to eat apples and all foods again.
taking a nap on the way to the party!!

Aunt Cathy comforting Ryan with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Kindle.

dentist waiting room