Friday, September 26, 2008

Think Blue

I went to the game last night and had the best time; even though they lost. We clinched the division title because the Diamond Backs lost in the afternoon.

My friend Kristina gets free tickets and passes to the Dodgers Dug Out Club for the 7th inning. I was able to be in the front row and cheer when they started celebrating. They sprayed the crowds with champagne and beer I tried to avoid it at first but it didn't do any good. They also thew the left over hubba bubba gun and sunflower seed packets. It was so much fun to cheer and celebrate.

The stadium was sold out causing awful traffic that it took twice as long to get there as normal and very few people left during the 9th inning; everyone wanted to stay for the celebration.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Piano Lessons

I finally committed.....I'm going to take piano lessons again. I took lessons long enough to have my first recital (about four months) and then I quite because I didn't have a piano. I'm still lacking a piano but I bought a keyboard last week. I'm excited and I think it is fun to learn new songs to play. My teacher changed her teaching method to teaching you how to lay now and read music later. I think it will be fun and I'll be learning a new song every week. I already re-learned "Ode to Joy" last week!!

I wish I had a copy of the picture at my piano recital with me and a bunch of 8 year olds!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Volcano Video

I used my digital camera for a video camera on my helicopter tour. Unfortunately you can't zoom with the digital camera. The first shots are the lava going into the ocean, then a lava steam and the view of the caldera and main crater, Halema`uma`u from Jagger Museum.