Monday, October 18, 2010

Havasupai/Grand Canyon

Last April my good friend Lori asked if we wanted to backpack down to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. I asked Allen and he agreed. We bought a backpacking tent, boots and a backpack for myself. I enjoyed the first 8 miles to the Indian Village, called Havasupai. The last two miles to the campground was brutal. The trail wasn't any harder, I was just mentally and physically done. I think stopping in the village for a cold gatorade and an ice cream sandwich might have helped with the being done attitude.

Our campsite was gorgeous and close to the stream. The water was aqua blue and beautiful. It was very refreshing to soak our feet and legs in the cool stream after hiking. We spent the next two days enjoying the beautiful waterfalls and day hikes.

Allen has a new perspective about camping and hiking with girls, or at least my friends and I. He was a surprised at our willingness to climb down cliffs with chains and ladders. Allen demonstrated great restraint by not petting and playing with every dog that came by our campsite or we encountered on hikes. I was not in favor of dogs following us around or hanging out in our camp once you played with or fed them. I really appreciated my husband's self control.

Since we didn't enjoy the last two miles hiking in; we probably would only enjoy two miles hiking out, so we took a helicopter ride to the top. It was a short trip to the parking lot but so worth it!!

It was an awesome trip that was really worthwhile and enjoyable for everyone!!

PS There's lots of pictures and I don't care that they are out of order!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Wagon

Maid of Honor Assistant or Maid of Dishonor

Wonderful Friends

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

My Brain - I had to write down everything otherwise I would forget.

I was saved by two great friends that came from UT. They drove into town on a flat tire and I met them at Costco around 8pm on the Thursday before we got married. I greeted them with tears in my eyes and they quickly told me to pull it together. Lori and I have been friends since being roommates at BYU in the summer of 1995. I met Natalie through Lori and I've known her for about the past 3-4 years.

They were such a big support and helped me stay sane over the next couple of days. They helped with decoration on Friday and drove me every place on Saturday. I was planning on driving myself around to get hair and make up done but they insisted on driving; which I'm so thankful.

We started Saturday morning going to get my hair done in Pasadena by my normal guy and then to lunch. It was awesome having them there to see the best way to do my veil. I kept my veil on the whole reception because it never feel off or became loose.

It doesn't get better than chicken and waffles on your wedding day!!

After lunch we went to my friend Melissa's house for makeup and my maids got ready. We then went straight to the temple for me to change and get married. Natalie was the expert at making everything just right, especially my veil.

I'm so appreciate to my maid of honor and maid of dishonor for making my day so much fun and relaxing!!