Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Head Banging

We spent our first two night before flying to Maui, at the Renaissance near LAX. On Sunday, we went to our house to open gifts with Allen's family and his mom dropped us off at the hotel and we took the hotel shuttle to the airport on Monday morning. 

Sunday night I got up from bed to use the restroom around 11:30pm. I had a really bad pain in my stomach and I passed out on the toilet. On the way to the floor I hit my head on the sink counter and then on the floor. I screamed after hitting my head and woke up on the floor with my underwear pulled down staring at my husband. 

We didn't know what caused me to pass out but I didn't want to go the ER because we had a flight in the morning to catch!!! I slept all night with an ice pack on my head so the instant bump that developed wouldn't get larger. 

Monday evening in Maui I was still concerned about my head and what caused me to pass out. I called the Kaiser Ask a Nurse and she told me to go to the hospital that night, don't wait for tomorrow to go. We drove to Maui Memorial and we were in and out in 1 1/2 hours with a CT Scan. I have a brain (with butterflies) and nothing wrong. Your body has vagus nerves and one near my butt was triggered that caused me to pass out (this is all probably too much information but it's funny too me, btw I wasn't constipated).

Bathroom at the Marriott:

Me with my ice pack, made from a zip lock and wrapped in a wash cloth  (with blue taffy for comfort):

My brain:

I requested a copy of my CT Scan and when we got home Allen explained the different images and saw what an angel I am!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're Married

Our wedding and reception was amazing. I was annoyed that we the workers in the temple were so slow and we had to wait for them even though we were the last and only couple getting married at 2:30pm. We didn't get married until after 3pm and it kept people waiting outside for an extra long time.

I haven't met with our photographer but some people emailed and posted pictures. Our reception was a dream reception with incredible decorations, yummy tri tip & chicken, Porto's wedding cake and an incredible candy bar.

Here are some pictures my sisters took after we got married. I'll share more pictures and honeymoon details later.

Yes, a lot of bridesmaids but half of them are sisters!!