Saturday, November 19, 2011

7 months

 We'll be putting his swing away soon........

Ryan is such a happy, opinionated little boy.  He is generally really easy going but when he wants something he lets you know.

  • 5 teeth - 3 on bottom & 2 on top
  • trying to crawl
  • can move/scrim all around the floor
  • great a sitting up - can't pull self up yet
  • loves his peas and carrots, tolerates green beans, disgusted by avocado (we'll try again later), trying butternut squash next!!
  • loves faces and people
  • great at pulling hair and is starting to bite

1st Pumpkin

We went pumpkin looking on Halloween. Good thing we only wanted a little one!!

Allen found out that morning that he had his third business trip in 3 weeks and had to be at the airport by noon the next day. He worked late on Halloween Night to finish his presentation for the next day.

I put our candy bowl on the porch and let kids choose what they wanted until Allen got home. It was too hard to keep getting up while putting Ryan to bed. Unfortunately, Allen got home home after Ryan went to bed, so Allen held him for about 20 minutes while Ryan slept. Allen asked, "Does Ryan know I;m holding him?". Allen was so glad he got his Ryan fix prior to not seeing him for a couple of days.

Next year will be our first trick or treating experience.

Making the food

Ryan has been such a great eater. I've been making his food from frozen vegetables and it has been so easy. I've made peas, peas with carrots and green beans so far. 

 Yummy peas!!

 I bought these containers specifically for baby food, there top won't come off in your bag.

 I now use a hand blender which makes it one smaller thing to clean.
 I love having ice cubes of food to defrost later as needed. 

 Defrosting the cubes is so easy. It only takes 30 - 60 seconds to defrost in the microwave.

We now have a high chair. My sister recommended getting one that reclines and we love it.

Great Grandma Chambers

My grandma loves playing and talking to Ryan. I love this picture of them looking at each other.

Halloween Party

My sister has an annual Halloween Party that is so much fun. She even gets her neighbors involved by giving them treats to handout to the kids so they can go trick or treating. 
 some pre-party pictures

 California Cousins

 Ryan was exhausted from all the excitement and took a little nap upstairs before we left.

6 month stats

He's already 7 1/2 months old but thought I would post.

Head -  can't remember or find the exact size 67%
Weight - 16 lbs 7.7 oz 30%
Length -   28.25 in 95%

Slumber Party

My oldest niece was able to spend the night again and loved it!! She is such a trooper, she fell at school a week in a half prior to spending the night. Her dark circles were a huge improvement from the two black eyes she was sporting. She went to church with us and was so glad that none of the primary children asked about her eyes. 

She brought the robe from her Build a Bear for Ryan to wear before he got a bath. 

 playing together
reading together
 teaching ryan how to use the itouch
 so sweet!!
 Aunt Lisa
We love you Emily and can't wait for you to spend the night again!!