Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lake Havasu

Allen's family has a reunion every three years and this year was Lake Havasu, Arizona in June 2012. Good thing the house had a pool because it was so hot and not much else to do. 

Allen's mom watched Ryan so we could go jet skiing. It didn't feel so hot out on the lake and was a lot of fun.

 Allen's Sister, Rebecca, Grandma Theissan, and Allen's mom pictured above.
 Both of Allen's grandparents are in there 90's and live in Mesa, AZ.
 Graham and Ryan

Allen's brother Matt with Ryan and his boy Graham (Ryan's on;y cousin on Allen's side).

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 2 Yosemite

We rode our bikes to Yosemite Falls, hiked around then crossed the street and meadow towards the chapel. Then walked down to Sentinal Bridge to have lunch near the Merced River, then though another meadow/path back to our bikes.

We then rode to Isles Nature Center and hike up to the Vernal Falls Bridge then we stopped for ice cream before heading back to camp.

We had a great fast trip, wishing we had more time, but it was time well spent.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Our friend, Christina, invited us to Yosemite and we were able to use her extra camping spot. We were planning on spending the week but Allen got a call Friday before we left that he had an out of town meeting on Thursday morning he had to present. We cut our trip short and we got back Wednesday two hours before he needed to be at the airport with enough time to unload the truck and shower before I dropped him off.

We made the most of our two days and Allen really enjoyed his first trip to Yosemite, hoping for more in the future!!

We left early Monday morning, had lunch at Glacier Point, and then Hiked Sentinel Dome.

he loved climbing the rocks and exploring

love his face!!

 views from sentinel dome

a little obstacle

tunnel view

Mt Vernon

We spent our last day at Mt Vernon and learning more about George and Martha Washington.

Slave garden and cabin

the gardens for the kitchen 

a great place for lunch if it was warm and sunny

martha and george's tombs

pictures outside the house (no pictures are allowed inside)

Ryan hanging with George, Martha and their grandkids

the mansion and the view across from the mansion

We were sad to leave. We had a great time, Ryan was wonderful and we were exhausted from walking and seeing so much!! Can't wait to come back!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Theater, A Town and More Planes

Pictures are out of order so the description of our day will be too!!

We end the night in Alexandria, VA after viewing Allen's work buildings in Chantilly, VA as well as the air and space museum. Allen had the best mother's day looking at space craft for the second day in a row.
The museum is several hangers of airplanes crammed together for display.

The space shuttle was the coolest and newest exhibit.

An actual gas lamp

We started the day at Ford's Theater and enjoyed the park rangers description of events that took place inside the theater. We then walked across the street to the Peterson House (included in the ticket) to see where Lincoln died. As you walk out of the house there is an attached museum with the cool column of books demonstrating how many books have been written about Lincoln.

After Ford's we went to Georgetown to enjoy cupcakes and a lobster roll. Just about every shop you could imagine was located with a small area with difficult to find parking.

Slightly melted from sitting in the car but oh so yummy!!

very different housing than LA