Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Car

I bought my first brand new car in 2002, a VW Passat and it lasted until this past month. About a month before I got married my car was having difficulties, especially the transmission. We left on our honeymoon and came home to a dead battery. We got it jump started and my mechanic originally that maybe the low battery was causing the transmission problems, WRONG. He then cleaned it, nothing looked wrong and put in new oil (he didn't charge and said it was a wedding gift). It still had problems, once not shifting above 3rd gear until I turned off and restarted my car.

We test drove cars for about 2 weeks and we chose a Honda CR-V. I was surprised that I liked as much as I do. We would of bought a VW Tijuan because it handled awesome but had a really small cargo space which would make basic shopping difficult.

We love our new car!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Reception

Only half of the candy bar!! A big hit with the young and old!! It sent my nephew Jack into chocolate heaven and complete sugar shock.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures

I downloaded some photos that have been posted on Facebook . We bought the rights to our photos but we haven't met with our photographer and edited our wedding album; so I'll have a lot more pictures to share.


Right after we took this picture it started raining really hard for about 10 minutes. We quickly took cover, let it pass then took picture for about 10 more minutes than we walked over to the reception.

Yes, I have a lot of bridesmaids!! I couldn't decide to have my 4 sisters/sisters in law or friends; so I had both.