Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 weeks

We took Ryan's newborn pictures at JcPenny and we were pleased with how they turned out. I'm just a little late posting pictures, he'll be 11 weeks on Saturday.


My husband loves his legos, (yes we have legos stored under our bed). We told my sister Lisa, that we would take her two kids to legoland (buy an adult ticket and kids get in for free) sometime later in the summer or fall. My sister called me the Thursday before Father's Day and we made plans to go on Saturday, a surprise to her kids and Allen. It was hard to keep the secret from Allen and not talk about it. Friday night I didn't sleep well because I was so excited to surprise Allen and I was so nervous about being away from Ryan. I knew Ryan would be in excellent hands but I still got a little upset the night before.

It was great when the kids arrived at our house and told Allen where we were going. It was a perfect day and everything went smoothly.

My sister even showed us a nail clipping trick for Ryan before she left. I win for planning the best Father's Day weekend!!


 My two oldest niece and nephew adore Ryan.

The two youngest cousins!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Double Digits

Ryan is in the double digits for weight at his two month appointment.

10 lbs 1 oz - weight - 25%
23 1/2 inches - length - 75%
15 inches - Head Circumference - 15%

so we have a a tall, skinny baby with a small head!!

We love him and he is perfect to us!!

He did great with his shots and is sleeping right now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ryan already has two buddies that are close in age. His cousin Mia is two months older and his buddy Drew is exactly one month younger.

Ryan is the crybaby while Drew is just chilling.
I promise Ryan doesn't cry all the time!!